Isaac J


“Everyday you have to re-invent yourself”

Isaac J is a brand that focuses on the fears of challenging the visual interpretations of the fashion and iconic world. This portfolio is based upon scenes that house the products of passionate designers, aspiring models that crave to express the individuality of each piece, and the strategy to create strong visual presentations. All photographs are made to not only expose the beautiful talents of those involved, but to intrigue the viewer to knowing that art is at the touch of our very hands.

In this portfolio you will find the categories of fashion/editorial photography, visual branding and personal styling.

To be involved with any future works please use the contact information below.

Visualist Details:
Desire:To pursue visual directing for creative brands.
Experience:Freelance for: American Apparel, Black Label, Numbers & Varsity Clothing.
Education: Senior at Texas Tech University with an emphasis in Media Strategy.
Occupation: Lead Stylist and Store Manager for the International Aldo Groupe Company.
Years of Styling Experience:6+

Instagram:@aldoglam @isaacjeverett (#isaacj)
Facebook: isaac.everett

Serious inquires accepted only. Please Advise.

Releases for Spring 2015/ Summer 2015 will be tentative to the Spring 2015 schedule.

Thank you for your patience.

Much Love,
-Isaac J


  • Visual Branding.Styling.Editorial Photographing.


United States


I am looking for freelance work.